Maximize Your Bedroom Space with These Easy Tricks

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary and the room where you sleep after a hard day’s grind. The problem is if you don’t have enough space after putting the bed in, and your other things are cluttering up the bedroom. You may not be comfortable and your sleep will suffer as a result.

Keep the Room Organized

You are the only person who knows how to organize the things in the bedroom. Take a look at how you arranged the things in your closet, tables, and drawers. Use boxes and trays to organize stuff that can be placed under tables or under the bed. Space means having a neat room.

Invest in Simple Decorations

If you’re going to have your bedroom repainted, don’t use bright colors because these portray a sense of smaller spaces. Likewise don’t use dark decorations especially on the walls. Use calm colors for bedrooms. Use mirrors with unique or art-like frames for more creative looks. Position the mirrors in such a way that it conveys more space. For lighting, nothing beats natural lighting during the day so don’t use very thick curtains for the windows. Use tall bedside lamps.

Maximize Shelves

Don’t just stack books on shelves. You can use shelves for a lot of things like storing your gadgets, notebooks, accessories, and collections. In place of shelves you can hang baskets that are easily reached by hand.

The Space Under the Bed

There will always be a little space under the bed unless your bed is designed to really hug the floor. You can store luggage, bins, and irregularly shaped items under the bed for easier access later.

Regularly De-clutter

Once a week, clean out your bedroom to de-clutter what you don’t need and to rearrange things neatly and orderly. If you need to, throw out or give away stuff that you know you don’t need or will never use again. You can also donate the stuff to charity if they can still be used or can be reused by a friend who will benefit from it.

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean it won’t appear neat, clean, and even spacious. With the proper cleaning out, storage ideas, having a strong sense of organization, you might surprise yourself and your spouse how you will make the room look. Just maximize every little space and avoid cluttering. You might want to also try some double-faced furniture.

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