New 2014 Home Improvement Projects for Better Home Improvement

A few minor upgrades to your home will definitely improve its aesthetic and functional appeal, and you will get to enjoy living in your remodeled house and even feel safe. However, it’s true that the value of remodeling projects is up across the board. The average amount recouped on remodeling projects nationally hit 66.1 percent, up 5.5 percentage points over last year and the largest increase since 2005.

Upon further research, there are several projects that beat that 66.1 percent average by a large margin. Projects like replacing your front door, doing some kitchen rehab or building a deck can make a big impact on your on your wallet and add more beauty and aesthetic value to your house. Minor, inexpensive fixes, done the right way, can dazzle and make your whole home seem more modern, updated, and expensive.

Door of Steel

Visitors to your house will be surprised when they tap on your door and whisper, “This is a metal door.” This is a really important element that reads ‘safety first.’ A steel door is not only a safety feature, but it saves on energy costs because it better traps air inside the home.

Attention on Deck

A wooden deck is a false value-add because wood decks beat out composite decks from buyers. However, a composite deck will cost more at $15,437 and only recoups about 74.3 percent of its value, but it will save more money and trouble in the long run because it doesn’t require the annual maintenance a wood deck does. Have a composite deck as big as possible without adding much in the way of built-in furniture.

Undertake a Minor Kitchen Makeover

Start by updating your appliances. In today’s real estate market, when a buyer sees that kitchen appliances have been updated and particularly with stainless steel, they see a homeowner that has updated the house to current standards, which is very appealing, and it speaks to the house as a whole. Then, focus on your cabinetry hardware. Major hardware and home goods stores offer great opportunities for sleek hardware that can enhance the cabinets and make the whole kitchen look more current for very little money. But don’t make the mistake of buying too small, and don’t be afraid to make a bold statement.

Spruce Up the Garage Door

If you have a home with a prominent garage, putting some money into making it an appealing architectural feature is a good investment. For a more standard home spending money on a new garage door will not seem necessary. But a layer of paint goes a long way to make a customized door that adds a new dimension to the exterior of your home.

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