Smart Solutions for Junk Drawers

Keeping the clutter under control often seems like a never-ending battle anywhere in your home, especially in the kitchen and pantry. But with a few repurposed materials and a bit of creativity, you can transform those junk drawers into an organizational oasis.

Cereal Boxes

With some pretty paper and several empty cereal boxes, you can make these cute and colorful drawer organizers in a snap, crackle, and pop. Use your drawer as a guide to determine the height of the dividers, cut them to size, and wrap and tape with the paper of your choice.

Cubed Categorization

A plastic ice cube tray from the dollar store gives you 12 great ways to keep track of the small stuff. From pins and beads to spare keys and loose change, everything can be kept at eye level. Many drawers will accommodate two trays nestled side by side.

Nightly Recharge

With the average household harboring multiple electronic devices, the junk drawers of today are seeing as many plugs as they are pencils. Organize your drawer as a recharging station by running a power strip through a drawer. The result is a quiet place for your phones and tablets to recharge while you get some sleep.

Menu Magic

Because they come in many sizes and shapes, to-go menus can be the bane of a junk drawer’s existence. The answer is simple: Move the take-out department to the inside of a cabinet door. A wall-mounted acrylic brochure holder, available at any office supply store, will do the trick nicely.

Souped-Up Storage

After you’ve had your fill of soup, why not use the cans to hold a lot of loose clutter and miscellany? This idea moves the junk out of the drawer and onto a wall: Hot-glue magnets to metal cans and then stick them to a steel cookie sheet and hang wherever you like. Individual holders can be easily taken on and off to access the contents as needed.

A Fishy Can Fix

Arranged snugly in rows, tuna fish or sardine cans are just the right height to fit in a drawer. If the standard six-ounce size doesn’t work for your situation, try smaller cans from products like green chilies, condensed milk, or even milk.

Stuck on Organization

Versatile velcro eliminates the sliding factor inside a larger storage area whenever the drawers are opened and closed. Simply place a velcro dot underneath each corner of a basket or box to keep it securely in place.

Tidy Tins

A muffin or cupcake pan is right at home in a desk drawer, storing all sorts of small office supplies like paper clips. Also use a pan to organize craft items like beads and thread; the tray can do double duty as a craft station when you pull it out for use.

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