To Hold, to Hoard, or to Throw? The Problems of Saving versus Trashing

We all do the occasional spring cleaning or general cleaning in our home. However, there comes a time when we face the quandary of whether to throw something out or save it for later, in case the said item can come in useful again. As you continue cleaning you even come upon sentimental items or old gifts that you’re in doubt of throwing out. If you’re faced with throwing it out or saving it for later, ask yourself these questions:

Have you used it last year or this year?

With everything from clothes to kitchen items, ask if you’ve really used it this year or even last year. If you continue to hold on to it without using it for purely sentimental reasons, ask yourself if the sentimental reason is still worth holding on to. However, if the item has been unused for some time and is just stuffed in a box in a corner, perhaps it’s time to get rid of it. If you think you might use the item in the future, but the chance of really using it is less than 50%, get rid of it.

Maybe you have more than one of the same item

You really don’t need two or more of the same item like glasses, coffee table covers, or chess boards. Throw them out, give them away, or you can find a donation place for charity. Contact your friends who might have need for them.

Will the kids appreciate the sentimentality?

Ask yourself, for anything that you don’t throw out and decide to keep for sentimental reasons or for old memories, will your children appreciate these things or will they just find old junk that needs to be thrown out? Because of this, go through old photos, jewelry boxes, and other old items carefully and prioritize only the family heirlooms and history.

Remember the rule of trash: If it’s broken, throw it out

Some things that are broken may be mended or repaired. However, if it can’t, it’s better off being thrown in the trash. If you can collect enough of your junk, you can bring it to the junk yard where it can be weighed and you get back a little money. Be honest with yourself even with sentimental items because once anything is broken, damaged, or stained and can’t be used or repaired anymore, its better off being chucked into the trash.

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